For those special dog-lovers, this Christmas I decided to gift a refreshingly touching book that I would now like to share with all of you. Photobooth Dogs is an extraordinary collection of timeless portraits that have captured man’s genuine and beloved friendship with their dogs. After an unimaginable amount of searching through flea markets and antique stores, author Cameron Woo, who is also the co-founder of The Bark magazine, has shared his personal collection of photographs with readers. Cameron opens his book with a brief history of the Photomaton and how entertaining it is (was) to imagine these dogs readying themselves and posing to have their picture taken. I agree that dogs do indeed know how to pose, in fact, they know exactly what expression to convey for every single request. Sad face – please give me attention… or food; tail wag – I’m happy, please throw my toy now; on backside with leg up – rub my belly; chin on knee – I love you. Here are some of my favorites…

Photobooth Dogs was published by Chronicle Books in 2010. It puzzles me how I have not heard of this book until now, but it also made me realize how very little recognition this book has received. Perhaps what readers may not understand, is that this book is like a photo album. It may make you smile. It may make you cry. It may remind you of a special moment you shared with your pet. Or it may lead you to tell stories of what their lives (and their dog’s) may have been like. It’s reflective in every way.

In recent times, it seems as though the photomaton is making quite the comeback, especially at parties. Brides, grooms, parents, kids, and guests all agree that photobooths (or some DIY rendition of one) are often the highlight of any event. Whether it’s putting on costumes and funny props, or acting out scenes from your favorite movie, everyone enjoys behaving silly at times, especially if it’s behind a curtain.

Love these whimsical renditions of the photobooth, especially the priceless faces on these Beatles-inspired groomsmen. Images courtesy of La marie’e aux pieds nus, Jennefer Wilson, and Green Wedding Shoes.

In celebration of Photobooth Dogs, the photomaton, and dogs around the world, I attempted to take photos of my lovable Basset, Dru. Unfortunately, he’s camera-shy. Here’s the best he could do to pay tribute to this heart-warming book.

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